How to get there: Alonte is 28,3 Km south of Vicenza down Riviera Berica road. From Vicenza, after driving through Ponte di Barbarano, turn right to Orgiano. After Orgiano, take the statale road to Lonigo. From Lonigo: drive down S. Feliciano provinciale road to Noventa(5.3 Km).

Chiesa di S. Biagio

Chiesa di S. Biagio

Chiesa di S. Biagio

The church, formerly ddicated to the Virgin Mary, is first mentioned in a 1326 document, although it was probably built long before. The adjoining belfry was once that of another church, that of S.Martino's, now destroyed. Near the church there used to be Alonte's castle, of which we can still see part of the ramparts, in the 16th century used to delimit the town graveyard. Some undated tombs carbed out of the hills' rocky side show some interesting similarities with those found in Barbarano, like the (now lost) top-leaning surface, and a small drainage opening. The church is open to visit on every month's first Saturday and third Sunday 2pm-6pm. The tombs are on private properties, but visitors can go and see them anytime.

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