How to get there: Autostrada A4 VE-MI. Exit in Montecchio Maggiore and drive south to Lonigo (11.6 km). From Vicenza drive to Montecchio Maggiore, then drive south to Zovencedo. From Riviera Berica, in Ponte di Barbarano turn right to Orgiano and then to Grancona; after driving all through Val Liona start driving up to Zovencedo (19.8 km). Panoramic road: from Monte Berico drive down provinciale Dorsale dei Berici road(16.4 km)

The castle

The castle

The castle

The ruins of the ancient fortress are now on private property grounds, and we can still see a massive tower and part of the walls..
The castle of Zovencedo is first mentioned in a 1158 decree of Emperor Frederick I amongst the other castles of the Bishop of Vicenza.
We don't know much of its history: in the !5th century it was used as community hall.

Via Molinetto.

Cave-house "La Sengia"


Cave-house "La Sengia"

The cave-turned-to-house was still used as a house in the 1960. Along with Case Cisco in Costozza and Sengio de Brusche in Grancone is one of the few well-conserved surviving examples of caves that were used as dwellings up to recent times in Berici Hills.

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