How to get there: Albettone is 26.1 km south of Vicenza, down 247 Riviera Berica Statale road.

Villa Erizzo Schiavinato called Ca' Brusà in Lovolo

Little remains of the first house built in 1409 on a commssion of the Erizzo family; the one we see today was built in the 16th century, and was substancially modified in 1692. The villa is made up of a central building between two towers, the facade is characterized by a three-arch porch and a balcony.

Strada Lovolo, 24/25
Tel. 339 84 27996 - (0444.790596)
Open on Mondays, on request.
No disabled facilities.

Villa Campiglia

This 15th century building was deeply modified in the late 19th century by the architect Antonio Caregraro negrin. The interiors were frescoed by Fasolo in 1560.

Via Priare

Villa Campiglia