In Berici Hills you can find many many high-standard agritourisms where you can enjoy home-made products, wines and olive-oil. Here's just a few of them:

Az. Agrituristica Ai Boschetti

di Dal Pozzo Margherita
Via dalla Prà, 22B
36040 Sarego (VI)
Tel: 0444.439243.
A farming enterprise surrounded by Berici Hills lushing green where vines, fruit and vegetables are grown, along with the breeding of sheep, chickens and rabbits. Here you can have traditional country meals: herb risottos, home-made past, roat chicken and traditional Caneera hen.

Az. Agrituristica Da Sagraro

di Rigo Arturo
via Olivari, 1
36020 Mossano (VI)
Tel: 0444.886217.
This recently restored cottage is delightfullt located amongst vineyards and olive-trees. Here they produce extra-vergin olive oil and wine that perfectly matches salami, bolognaise pasta dishes and pork. Wine, oil and salami for sale.

Az. Agrituristica Da Valentino

di Montesello Elio
Via Carbonara, 31
36040 San Germano dei Berici (VI)
Tel: 0444.868002

A farming enterprises placed on a hill surrounded by orchards and olive-trees, where you can find wine, olive oil, cereals, fruit, jams and confits. Quality service in the adjoining restaurant: salami and hams, lasagne, chicken casserole, hare, roast duck and barbecued pork. All products for sal.

Az. Agrituristica L'Albara

di Lovato Angelina e Cazzaro Valfrido
Via Pasine, 6
36020 Villaganzerla di Castegnero (VI)
Tel: 0444.639715

Under the century-old namesake tree, at L'Albera visitors can find wine, extra-vergin olive oil, cherries and vegetables. Pickles, salami, duck ragout pasta and pork are some of the courses you can enjoy here. Accomodation available.

Az. Agrituristica Le Mandolare

di Pasqualotto Lidia
Via Mandolare, 24
36020 Villaga (VI)
Tel: 0444.891131

Farming enterprise where olive-trees and vineyards are organically grown. Vegetarian dishes and wholewheat flour pasta are the restaurant's hits. En-uite rooms and an apartament are available for guests' accomodation. Oil, wine and the kitchen garden's product are for sale.

Az. Agrituristica S. Marco

di Contadin Alda
Via Ponticelli, 13
36020 Agugliaro (VI)
Tel: 0444.891015

On this vaste farming land orchards, maiz, wheat, soy, vegetables are grown, as well as cattle, goats, pigs and fowls: ducks, guinea-hens, turkeys.

Az. Agrituristica Valchegozzo

di Carraro Faccioli Agnese
Via Lago di Fimon
36057 Arcugnano (VI)
Tel: 0444.273352.

This agritourism stand on a hill where visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of Fimon Lake. Fruit, wheat, maiz, vegetables are grown on this land as well as pigs, boars and fowls.

Agriturismo Ca' D'Oro

Via Monticello di Fara, 5
36040 Sarego (VI)
Tel: 0444.821141
Cell: 339/6246025

La Luna nel Pozzo

di Mastrotto Liliana
Via Massina, 10
36040 Sarego (VI)
Tel: 0444.436825
Cell: 340.8551826

A small farm surrounded by vineyards in the plain at the feet of Berici Hills, near many important architectural hotspots like neighbouring Castle Boroni. An ideal place for those who love relax, country-walking and home-made cuisine. On the menu you can find: ham, salami and crostini bread, bigoli bolognaise, herb risotto, barbecued pork, stewed rabbit or chicken, baked potatoes, jam tart.
Open on Friday and Saturday evening, Sundays at noon

Locanda Botteghino Risorto

Via Monte Pozzetto, 8
36045 Monticello di Lonigo (VI)
Tel. e Fax: 0444/835455

Locanda Botteghino Risorto is open for lunches and dinners to let you enjoy all the richness of Vicenza and Veneto cuisine, from the most elaborate to the simplest and traditional dishes, all prepared with home-made ingredients.
The wine list gives you a chance to pick the best of Berici Hills wne-production.
Locanda Botteghino Risorto is also great for tourist or travellers who want to enjoy a quick snack of salami, pickles and cheese.

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