Restaurants And Trattorias

Vicenza's cuisine, especially in Berici Hills, is traditionally dependent on seasonal products. When it comes to dishes, we can list among the most famous the creamy Vicenza cod, and early Lumignano peas, Fimon pike and herb risottos; and then mushrooms, truffles, guinea-hens, ducks and game, but the king of traditional meals is pork and its tasty by-products: bones, sausages and salami.

Here are some restaurants and trattorias where you can indulge yourselves, but do not miss a chance to stop and have some mamma-like traditional dishes in other Berici Hills trattorias.

Antica trattoria da Penacio
Just above Fimon Lake
Via Soghe, 22
Tel 0444.273081

Ristorante La Peca
Via Principe Giovanelli, 2
Lonigo (VI)
Tel: 0444.830214
Fax: 0444.438763

Ristorante Primon
Via Garibaldi, 6
Tel: 0444.887149
Fax: 0444.787368

Established in 1875, it is now run by Mario Primon, with the help of his wife and his son, who prides in giving his guests the very best of traditional Vicenza food. The secret is the ancient spit used to prepare great game dishes. Excellent desserts and wine menu.


Taverna Aeolia
Loc. Costozza
Piazza G. Da Schio, 1
Tel: 0444.555036.

Trattoria Al Sole
Via Roma, 13
36020 Castegnero (VI)
Tel 0444.639028

The owner, chef Roberto, has used all his skills to get this old trattoria back to its splendour. Traditional recipes, good service, excellent wines at a reasonable price. Specialities: truffles, mushrooms and snails.


Trattoria al Volto
Via Volto, 39
36023 Costozza di Longare
Tel: 0444.555118

Trattoria Da Cirillo
Via F. Lampertico, 13
36040 Montegaldella (VI)
Tel. 0444.636025
Fax: 0444.636004

A cod temple, where you can enjoy it not just la Vicentina, but also stewed, cooked, with risotto and ravioli; but you can also have peas lasagne , bigoli with duck, exquisite soups. As main courses you can be served fish, lamb, guinea fowl and barbecued meat. Home-made desserts and a wide range of national wines.


Trattoria da Culata
Via G. Roi, 29
Tel: 0444.636033

Trattoria da Vighetto
Via Fontanella, 14
Tel: 0444.889388.

This trattoria in Grancona town-centre, beside offering you a beautiful vista on Berici Hills, provides its guest with genuine traditional meals: gargati pasta with ragout, tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, risottos with herbs; and traditionl barbecued meat and game. Home-made desserts and wines.

Trattoria locanda Da lsetta
Via Pederiva, 96
36040 Grancona (VI)
Tel: 0444.889521

Signora Isetta taught her son Galdino how to combine semplicity with taste to prepare a genuine country meal. Here you can have grilled salami with polenta, Vicenza snails with polenta, lamb's pluck, herb cheeses. Amongst the main courses you can find barley soup, mushrooms and beans; home-made gnocchi, gargati pasta with truffle, risotto with asparagi. To follow, barbecued meat and wild game, and of course Vicenza cod. Desserts are made by Monica and Emanuela. Wide range of national wines.


Trattoria Miramonti
Via Trotti, 30/32
San Gottardo di Barbarano Vicentino
Tel: 0444.893053
Fax: 0444.893131

Traditional Berici Hills venue, witha famous summer terrace. Simple but delicious food: mushrooms and truffle dishes, roast meat and cod.

Trattoria Nogarazza
Viale S. Agostino, 59
Tel: 0444.288900

At first a bakery, then an inn and finally a trattoria. Run by Bari family for three generation, it is one of Vicenza's favourites. Traditional veneto home-made pasta dishes: bigoli with duck, ravioli, barley soups; to follow a famous Vicenza cod, baked guinea hen, Veneto duck, barbecued meat. Bread is home-made according to the old recipe. Good desserts and pastries and a rich cellar.


Trattoria Toni Cuco
Località San Vito
Via Arcisi, 12
36040 Grancona (VI)
Tel: 0444.889548

Deep in the heart of Berici Hills, this trattoria's menu changes to the rythm of seasonal country products: soups, herb risottos and home-made pasta. Main courses: Vicenza cod, guinea hen and barbecued meat. Delicious desserts and good wine menu.

Trattoria Tre Scalini
Via Castello, 1
36047 Montegalda (VI)
Tel: 0444.636385

Campesato Tre Scalini tarttoria is one of the oldest in Montegalda, with a beautiful view on the castle and traditional home cuisine. On the menu: tagliatelle, wild game and Vicenza cod.

Trattoria Zamboni "ai Monti"
Loc. Lapio
Via S. Croce, 14
Arcugnano (VI)
Tel: 0444.272079

Antica trattoria da Penacio Ristorante La Peca Ristorante Primon Taverna Aeolia Trattoria Al Sole Trattoria da Cirillo Trattoria da Isetta Trattoria Nogarazza