Traditional Products


Berici Hills Cabernet

Made from Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals, (sometimes mixed, sometimes pure), it has a deep ruby colour that gets slightly golden as it ages ; smooth bouquet; dry to the tongue, pleasantly brisk.

Pinot Bianco

Of a French origin, it is probably a mutation of Black Pinot varietal. It is usually 100% pure, although it is permitted to mix it up to 15% with Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay. Of a light stray-yellow hue, delicate perfume, hatmonious and velvety to the tongue; perfect with fish.


A varietal imported from France, it grows on limestone-rich soil. It has a very rich bouquet: fig, pepper, grass; good structure, it rests in oak barrels where its aroma gets richer.

Tocai Rosso (now Barbarano)

The origin of this varietal has been much disputed, yet we can mantain it has nothing to do with Hungarian Tokaj. Light shining red colour, smooth pefume, lovely rich taste.
It is a perfect match with Berici Hills ham, local salami and pasta dishes; it interestingly enhances Vicenza cod's flavour.

Extra-virgin olive oil

After more then a century of abandon, oliviculture has found a way back in Vicenza province, and especially in Berici Hills. Olives are grown especially in Barbarano, Villaga, Castegnero e Sossano to make a peculiarly rich oil that delivers all of its aroma when used row. You can buy it at the oliviculturers', agritourisms and in Nanto Pro Loco office.

Black truffle

Scorsone truffle is used in Vicenza especially when preparing soups, risotto and lasagna dishes. Berici Hills truffle is dark, roughly round shaped, grey on the inside, with many white streaks; it ripes in late April and early October. Widely used in local rastaurants, you can buy at the best grocers', at the Mushroom Market near Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza and at Pro Loco's stalls in Nanto July Market.


Le Mandolare
36020 Villaga (VI)
Tel. 0444/776072

Pro Loco Nanto
Piazza del Simposio, 3
36024 Nanto (VI)
Tel. 0444.638188


Castegnero is a Berici Hills town famous for its cherry harvest . Here, on the rocky steep slopes of the hills, cherry-trees get the maximum of sun exposure. Castegnero cherry cultivation is an old tradition, and it also prides on a namesake cherry: the Mora di Castegnero. It is a small, dark, extremely sweet fruit, quite alike the Mora di Vignola. Other varieties are Bigarreau Burlat e Bigarreau Moreau, from France; then Ferrovia, Giorgia e Adriana, these latter two selected by Professor Bargioni of Istituto di frutticoltura di Verona. finally, the rare and big Pollaio variety. The annual harvest is an average 300.000 lb, mostly sold during Castegnero Cherry Festival, in May and June, and by local producers.
The Festa dea Siaresa is hold in Castegnero on May's last Sunday and June's first Sunay by the Commitee for the promotion of Berici Hills Cherries and Berici Hills Fruit producers' association. From mid-May to mid-June the Cherry Market is open, along with exhibitions, contests and gastronomical stalls.


Many excellent cheeses are made in the Vicenza province, like Grana Padano, Asiago and Provolone Padano; we cannot omit Montegalda goat cheeses, which have been made by Maestro Enrico Grandis for over 15 years, using organic diary products and traditional techiques. Maestro Grandis' goat cheeses can be bought at his farm, in local organic shops and in the best restaurants. In Mossano, Barbieri Fabio is a maker of sheep cheeses ; sheep feeding and milking are carried out in the traditional way. At his farm visitors can buy fresh and aged sheep cheeses and excellent sheep ricotta.


Azienda Agrituristica Arcobaleno
di Beltramello Bladimiro
Via Brazzolaro, 18
36024 NANTO (Vicenza)
Tel. +39 0444730125 - Cell. +39 3405695350

Azienda Agricola Baribieri Fabio
Mossano (VI)
Tel. 0444.896956

Caseificio Sociale
Ponte di Barbarano (VI)
Tel. 0444.795306
Fax: 0444.795326

La Capreria
Montegalda (VI)
Tel.&Fax 0444.634125

La Sorgente SocietÓ Cooperativa
36020 Castegnero (VI)
Tel. 0444.639428

Lumignano peas

Peas cultivation in Lumignano gives a small yet much-awaitedharvest.
The annual output is quickly absorbed in the local market, as Lumignano peas are a much valued ingredient in the preparation of many dishes: Tajadele coi Risi, Risi e Risi ecc. if you are intrested in buying some, you should better contact directly local producers or grocers.


In Berici Hills organic cultivation is common and organic products are widely employed for the making of bread, cheeses, wine, vegetable and fruit dishes, honey and olive oil . Amongst others we mention Cooperativa Le Valli, where you can purchase bread made of organic flours, pickles, fruit confitures and honey.


LE VALLI SOC. COOP. di Cooperativa LE VALLI A.r.l.
Produce pan biscotto e pane integrale cotti nel forno a legna, miele dei Collli Beici, frutta, verdura.
Via Valli, 2
Tel. 0444.868432 - 0444.868433

Produce pasta.
Via Chiesavecchia, 8
36020 Castegnero (VI)
Tel/Fax: 444.639446

L'Ape s.r.l.
Produttori di miele.
Via Matteotti, 27
36021 Barbarano Vicentino (VI)
Tel. 0444.795311
Fax: 0444.795033

Biscuited bread

Panificio Penzo in Nanto sells traditional biscuited bread that perfectly matches every course . Also try the dry flat "schiacciate beriche" bread with onion, sesame, fennel, olive oil.

DOC Berico ham

Amongst Berici Hills specialties we Prosciutto DOC Berico. In between San Danielein Friuli and Prosciutto di Parma, Berico DOC ham is a gourmet's treat. Val Liona sweet ham is about getting a long-awaited IGP award. Thanks to Noventa, Lonigo e Montagnana climate conditions Berici Hills ham is always perfectly mature and soft. Ham is sold after at least 10 months rest, when it has reached a perfect degree of perfume and tenderness. DOC since 1981, you can find it in the best shops all over Italy.

Producers (meat, hams, salami):

Allevamento di quaglie.
Via Fior di Spino, 15
36040 ORGIANO (VI)
Tel. 444.874111
Fax: 444.874812

Brendolan Prosciutti
Produttore di prosciutti.
Via Cesare Battisti, 82
36045 LONIGO (VI)
Tel. 0444.436466

King's Prosciutti S.p.a.
Produttore di prosciutti.
Via Rio, 71
36040 Sossano (VI)
Tel. 0444.788100
Fax 0444/885525

Riviera Market Prosciutti
Produttori di prosciutti.
Via del Commercio, 7/A
36020 Ponte di Barbarano (VI)
Tel. 0444.896945
Fax: 0444.795303

Salumificio Nogara
Produttore di insaccati.
Lonigo (VI)
Tel. 0444.436478

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