Campiglia Dei Berici

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Area: 10,94 Kmq.
amsl height.: 16 m.
Population (2001): 1.800 .
Distance from Vicenza: 28 Km.
Patron saint: St Peter the Apostle (29th June).

Town Hall:
Via Roma, 7
36020 Campiglia dei berici (VI)

Name's origin:from the Latin word campus, ie, cultivated land.

History: during the Middle Ages this territory was owned by the Bishops of Vicenza. It was defended by a castle, destroyed in 1194. In 1217 it was bought off by the noble Repeta family. The old Parish Church was built in the 13th century and restored in 1679. Inside we can see a 16th century terracotta Madonna and a beautiful canvas in Tiepolo's style. The new St.Peter's Parish Church was built in the late 19th century and completed in 1925. The villa Repeta-Mocenigo-Bressan in 1672 on the smotherings of the one Palladio had designed for Mario Repeta, and has beautifully frescoed interiors.

Town's Fetes
St. Valentine's Fair at the old Parish Curch, on February's second Sunday
St Peter's Fair: 29th June
Pavarano's Fair: 5th August
Ottobre Campigliese: October
Council's PR
Tel. 0444.866030
Fax: 0444.866038
Via Roma
Tel. 0444.866027
Parrocchia S. Pietro Apostolo:
Via Nazionale, 7
Tel. 0444.866019
Poste e telegrafi:
Via Nazionale
Tel. 0444.866014

Campiglia dei Berici's coat-of-arms