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Via Roma, 1
36020 Zovencedo (VI)

Districts: San Gottardo.
Localities;: Gazzo.
Area: 9.08 Kmq
AMSL height: San Gottardo 420m e Zovencedo 360m
Population: 898 (in 2001)

Name's origin: some connect the town's name with Juppiter-Jovis, Sede Jovis (Juppiter's Seat), while others relate it to the Latin word Jugum (hills).
History: Zovencedo's territory comprises 12 hills. Many watercourses run in this territory, the largest ones being the Liona Stream and the Gazzo Stream that runs from S.Gottardo to Acque di Pederiva, where it joins the Liona. The earliest information about Zovencedo date back to the Middle Ages, when it was part of Barbarano fief, which was bestowed on Vicenza's Bishop in the 10th century by the kings Hugh and Lothar of Provence. The castle is first mentioned in a 1158 decree signed by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The Bishop lost the castle to the Counts Maltraversi, who lost it to the Ezzelini in 1316; it eventually became the Town's Hall. All that remains of the castle now is a tower and some other buildings, all turned into private dwellings. St.Nicholas' Church was built in the11th century, and in the 12th it became an independent parish. From official papers we know that from at least as early as the 13th century the Bishop of Trento took care of appointing German-speaking priests to this parish, another proof of the presence of migrants from Bavaria in Berici Hills during the Middle Ages: not by chance the little church built in the 14th century in homonymous village was dedicated to St.Gotthard, a popular Bavarian saint. Unfortunately, this ancient village church was lately destroyed. After the Council of Trento two religious brotherhoods were established in Zovencedo with the aim of galvanizing religious feelings amongst the population, the Brotherhood of the Holiest Sacrament and that of the Rosary, but they were both suppressed during the Napoleonic governament.

Sagra di San Gottardo - prima domenica di maggio
Sagra di San Luca - quarta domenica d''ottobre.
Festa della Pentecoste - prima settimana di giugno
Festa della comunitą di fine settembre - terza settimana di settembre
Festa di Santa Barbara in localitą Gazzo
"Estate insieme" - nei mesi di luglio ed agosto per la durata di gg.20 manifestazioni varie
Pro Val Liona
Associazione culturale "Il Narratore" (tel. 0444.893371).
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Zovencedo's coat-of-arms