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. Town-Hall:
Via Verdi, 32
36020 Villaga (VI)

Districts: Belvedere, Pozzolo, Toara.
Area: 23.50 Kmq
AMSL height: 45m
Population: 1836 (in 2001)

Name's origin: from the Latin villa, farm, rural village.

History: on Monte Tondo archaeologists have found some Bronze Age items that most likely belonged to the Palaeoveneti fortification system so widespread in the Berici-Euganei area. Numerous and diverse are the remnants of Roman inhabitation: the most significant being some chiselled columns found in a ditch. In 12th and 13th century papers Villaga is said to belong to Barbarano's curtis. From those papers we also know that Toara was an independent parish, not subject to Vicenza's Bishop's control, who did anyway try many times to extend his power over it. Since Villaga was not independent, there was no castle on its territory, so the castle named in a 1495 document as hora castri Villaga Barbarani, what was probably implied was the still existent Belvedere's castle.

Antica Sagra di Belvedere in agosto
Festa di Sant''Anna a Villaga in luglio
Festa d’Estate a Pozzolo in luglio.
A.C. Villaga
Comitati Sagra di Villaga
Pozzolo e Toara.
Tel. 0444.886037
Fax 0444.886731
Ufficio Postale:
Via Verdi
Tel. 0444.886048

Villaga's coat-of-arms