San Germano Dei Berici

Via Roma, 1
36040 San Germano dei Berici (VI)

Districts: Campolongo, Villa del Ferro
Area: 15.52 Kmq
AMSL height: 25m (sede municipale)
Population: 1097 (nel 2001)

Name's origin: the town is named after San Germano Bishop of Capua.

History: The town's name, that of S.Germano of Capua, hints to a precocious presence of Benedectine monks in Val Liona: the parish church is firs mentioned in a 1265 document. All we know of S.Germano's ancient history is that during the 13th century Emperor Otto III gave it to the Bishop of Vicenza, who soon lost it when popular uprising deprived him of his temporal power. The other parish church, dedicated to St.Andrew, was, for as long as we can tell, a possession of the rich Venetian families that owned most of the land in this area. We also know that during the 18th century Val Liona was a dreaded lair of thieves and assaulters, and it still was in the 19th century, when the Austrian governement sent regular troops to patrol this area, to curb the thriving criminal activities.

Sagra della Cesola in Maggio
Sagra di S. Martino in Novembre.
Pro Val Liona
Gruppo Comunale AIDO Volontariato e Sport (tel. 0444.868262)
Associazione Nazionale Alpini sez. Villa del Ferro (tel. 0444.868490)
Associazione Nazionale Alpini sez. San Germano (tel. 0444.868472)
Associazione Nazionale del Fante (tel. 0444.868357)
Associazione Nazionale Combattenti e Reduci sez. Villa Del Ferro (tel. 0444.868192)
Associazione Nazionale Combattenti e Reduci sez. San Germano (tel. 0444.868472)
Comitato Festeggiamenti (tel. 0444.868610)
Comitato Parrocchiale Festeggiamenti (Parrocchie di San Germano tel. 0444.868005, Campolongo, Villa del Ferro tel. 0444.868024)
Squadra autoincendi boschivi (tel. 0444.868257)
Club Volo Berico (tel. 0444.868205)
INTER Club Basso Vicentino (tel. 0444.868143)
Associazione Val Liona Scuola 2000-10-26 (tel. 0444.868432).
Council's PR:
Tel. 0444.868037
Fax: 0444.868159
Ufficio Postale:
Via Roma, 2
Tel. 0444.868164

San Germano dei Berici's coat-of-arms