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Via Roma, 9
36040 Orgiano (VI)

Districts: Pilastro, Spessa.
Area: 18.11 Kmq
AMSL: 43m
Population: 3212

Name's origin: Many local scholars and historians have given an opinion about the town's name's origin: the most credited one is that the town was given its name in Roman times after the Aurelia family, who might have had properties in this area

History: that Orgiano was inhabited in Roman times is proved by two carved stones walled in the Town-Hall's facade. One reads "M.Terentio" (to Marcus Terentius). It was later inhabited by the invading Longobards, as the many tombs of theirs that have been found testify. In the 11th century Orgiano was a rich town, housing the headquarters of a Vicariato Maggiore (an important administrative district), to which belonged ten minor villages: Agugliaro, Asigliano, Campiglia, Campolongo, Fogiascheda, S. Germano, Noventa, Poiana, Sossano e Villa del Ferro. Two castles protected the town: one on the hill, the other one on the plain, both strategically located. The upper one was to have a troubled life: often sieged by the Veronese and the Paduans, until its destruction in 1313. In 1431 the town's council drew up its "Statuta Communis Orgiani", an interesting collection of civic laws that was to set the standards for all similar exploits in Vicenza in the years to follow. Orgiano ceased to be a Vicariato in 1797, when the Republic of Venice ended. A curious episode in local history occurred in 1897, when 32 women were arrested for assaulting the Town-Hall, after the priest set them on the anti-clericalist mayor. They were all acquitted.

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Pro Loco di Orgiano (Via Caliari)
A.C. Pilastro, A.I.D.O.
Ass. Artigiani
Ass. Coldiretti
Public library
C.S.I. Orgiano
C.S.I. Pilastro
Club Biancorosso
Ass. Commercianti
Consulta Anziani
FIDAS, Gruppo Alpini
Gruppo Missionario
Pescasportiva Aureliana
Sez. Combattenti e Reduci
Sez. del Fante
Council's PR
Tel. 0444.874038
Fax 0444.874627
Ufficio Anagrafe/Protocollo
Tel. 0444.775001
Area Finanziaria
Tel. 0444/775126
Biblioteca Civica
Via Dante Alighieri, 5 - Orgiano ( VI )
telefono: 0444/774199
Fax: 0444/874627
Ufficio Postale
Via Libertà 37/A
Tel. 0444.774132

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