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Piazza Marconi
36047 Montegalda (VI)

Districts: Colzè
Area: 17.68 Kmq
AMSL height: min 27m max 78m
Population: 3019 (in 1998)

Name's origin:called "Monte Garda" by Albertino Mussato who also wrote of a castle on the hill, this town is named after the longobardic warda, a military outpost derives its place name from the warda longobarda, a kind of formation similar to the Lake Garda. The Longobards' presence in this place is also confirmed by St.Giustina's Church, a Saint the Longobards were very devout to.

History: Montegalda was inhabited since the Roman era, as a Roman inscribed stone and a bronze piece prov, but we only find it mentioned in a 968 document. In the 11th century it belonged to Padua, and was bought by Vicenza in 1150. According to the "Liber regiminum civitatis Padue" the castle was built on Mount Buso in 1176 on the remnants of the Longobards' fortress. Being halfway through Vicenza and Padua, it had to suffer much during the Communes' Age wars. Repetedly destroyed and rebuilt, the castle also gave hospitality to condottieri Jacopo Dal Verme and Facino Cane. In 1475 the Serenissima epublic gave to Chiereghino Chiericati as a token of gratitude for his loyalty. In 1511 Emperor Maximilian stayd in the castle, and in 1514 it was taken by the Spanish troops; in the 18th century the castle was eventually turned into a villa. Worth visiting is also Villa Roi-Cobalchini-Fogazzaro, where writer Antonio Fogazzaro spent a few years and set some chapter of his novel "Little Modern World".

St.Mark's Fete on April 25
Colzè's Fair on sept's last Sunday
Monte Croce Road-chapel's Fair on the first Sunday after Grisignano's Fair
Santa Giustina's Fete on october's 2nd Sunday
Baccalaà's Feast on the first sunday of october
Marcia dei Sette Colli in spring.
Pro Loco Montegalda
Consulta Giovani
Consulta Anziani
Gruppo Alpini
Comitato Biblioteca
Ass. Combattenti e Reduci
Compagnia Teatrale Filodrammatica "I Gualdi"
Comitato Eremo di San Marco
Cori Parrocchiali Adulti e Giovani
Gruppo Ciclisti
U.S. Colzè
A.C. Due Monti SetteColli
G.S. Audace, Montevolley
A.C.A.T.-Club San Marco 650.
Exchange and commercial office:
Tel. 0444.736413 / 736414
Fax. 0444.636567
Registry office and Elettoral civil status:
Tel.0444.736411 / 736412
Fax 0444 636567
Finance office:
Tel. 0444.736415 / 736416
Fax: 0444.636567
Technic office and territorial
Tel. 0444.736419 / 736420
Fax. 0444.636567
City Library
Tel. 0444.736417
Fax: 0444.636567
Local Police
Tel. 0444.610478
Fax 0444.610944
Postal Office:
Viale Dino Cattaneo, 36
Tel. 0444.737006
Sanatary District Sud-Est:
Viale Dino Cattaneo, 92
Tel. 0444.636215

Montegalda's coat-of-arms