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Piazza Marconi, 1
36040 Grancona (VI)

Districts: Pederiva, San Gaudenzio, Spiazzo.
Localities: Acque, Carbonarolla.
Area: 12.31 Kmq
AMSL height: da 29m a
Population: 1739 (nel 2000)

Name's origin: This name is by some believed to be either a corruption of cancriona (cancer=crab), that is, place full of crabs, or of Longobardic Krnkanhaus, hospital.

History:Grancona, "on the top of the hill" "a mighty castle" dominates the upper Val Liona, where the Liona Stream emerges in the place called Acque. Because of the abundance and strenght of the running water, many watermills were working in Grancona's vicinities. A castle was built in Grancona by the Bishop in the 10th century, to protect his land from Hungarian invaders. In 1209 Ezzelino III of Romano sieged Grancona castle after his vicentine opponents barricaded in it, and destroyed it. Inside the castle, from as long as it can be remembered, there was St.Peter's church. Rebuilt in 1530, it was again restaurated in the late 19th and early 20th century. The new church was probably rebuilt on the castle foundations, of which it retains many features.

Grancona's Triduo, on the last sunday of august
Angel Day on Easther Monday in Spiazzo
Blood Donors' Walk on 25th april
Christmas and Epiphany calebrations in Grancona school and church
Mushroom Exhibition on the third sunday of october in Casa degli Alpini Pederiva street
Alpini's Day on May Day in Monte street, Grancona Arcisi Road-chapel Festival Festival on 3rd sunday of august in Arcisi
Grancona at the theatre form january to march, in Grancona school.
Santa Apollonia festival on 10/11 february in Santa Apollonia.
Pro Val Liona
Alpini's Group (Pederiva street, tel. 0444.889829)
A.N.P.I. (Fermi street 12, Brendola, tel. 0444.401261)
Ass. Fanti (Piazza Marconi, tel. 0444.889691)
Association Donatori di Sangue (Via Pederiva, tel. 0444.889901)
Val Liona Chorus (Via Carbonarolla, tel. 0444.868141)
Ass. Combattenti e Reduci (Spiazzo di Grancona, tel. 0444.889694)
A.I.D.O. (Via Ferrigolo, tel. 0444.889752)
Fire Brigade (Lupia street, San Germano dei Berici, tel. 0444.868257)
Ass. Bocciofila (Via 7 Martiri, tel. 0444.889520)
Berici's Archers (Via Carbonarolla 6, tel. 0444.868141)
Vita Nova Chorus (Brunelli street, San Germano dei Berici, tel. 0444.868553)
Coordinamento Valle dei Berici (Via Crearo, tel. 0444.889214 0444.889646)
Centre daytime elderly people (Via Pianezze, tel. 0444.889785)
Volley Grancona (Via Pederiva, tel. 0444.889947)
A.C. Grancona (Via Pelizze, tel. 0444.889633)
Snooker Ass. (Via Pederiva, tel. 0444.889512).
Tel. 0444.889522
Fax 0444.889469
Services, demographics, culturals and free time, welfare members, commercilas and productive activities,secretary, archive and protocol. Pho. 0444.889522
Accountancy, tributes, economato , personal,movables inventary.
Pho. 0444/778107
Technicals, technical manutentivi, property, contacts, public works, ecology and envirnment.
Pho. 0444.778115
Technics, building trades, private and urban
Tel. 0444.778114
Municipal Library In middle school
G.Zuccante street - Grancona
Postal office:
Pederiva street
Tel. 0444.889525
Civic Library:
Ferrignolo street
Tel. 0444.889752

Grancona's coat-of-arms