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via Ponte, 64
36020 Castegnero (VI)

Districts: Ponte di Castegnero, Villaganzerla.
Area: 11.63 Kmq
AMSL height: 57m
Inhabitants: 2409 (nel 2000)
Market day: on Saturday morning in Piazza Marconi (Ponte di Castegnero

Name origin: the most likely explanation for the name is the one that links it to the chestnut (castagno), of which there might have been many in older days. The town must date back from Roman times, since it was traditional for Romans to name towns after some natural feature of the zone. Others do anyway relate this name to the Germanic Castrum nedum, a kind of fortress, a hypothesis that could be supported by the fact that in a 1219 document the town is called Castelniero, and by the presence of a "Via Castello", that suggests some kind of now disappeared ancient military building.

History:Castegnero territory has been inhabited ever since prehistoric times, especially on the hills, as many archaeological findings prove. During the Longobard domination of Italy, that lasted for about 2 centuries, Castegnero, due to its strategical location, became a military outpost; the Longobardic presence in Castegnero might also be confirmed by the title-saint of the local church, St.George, much worshipped by all Longobards. After the arrival of Benedektine monks, in the late 8th century, who supported massive improvements in agriculture, the landscape of Castegnero slowly but dramatically changed, as they promoted the claiming of swamps, the clearing of woods, as well as the building of hospitals and shelters for the poor. In a 1431 and in a 1443 document it is recorded the presence in Castegnero of a St.Michael's Hospital. In 1322, when the Veronese Scaligeri lords conquered Vicenza, Castegnero's fortress was destroyed. In 1404 it began for Castegnero the relatively undisturbed age of Venice's dominion. During this period, Castegnero and Villaganzerla were two distinct boroughs, with distinct administration; Villaganzerla was absorbed into Castegnero in 1816, by imperial decree.

Fiera di San Giuseppe from 03/15th to 03/25th
Cherry Market from 05/15th to 06/15th
Chestnuts' March - walk through Berici Hills in november
Bisatto River's Fair in september
Memorial " Federico, Daniel, Andrea, Paolo” from 06/18th to 07/13th.
Pro Loco,
Consulta degli Anziani,
Ass. Alpini di Castegnero,
Ass. Alpini di Villaganzerla,
Ass. Combattenti e Reduci,
Club Amici del Bisatto,
Chiave di Svolta,
Comitato Festa dea Siaresa,
Comitato Manifestazioni Popolari,
G.S. Ciclisti Arte Casa, A.C. Astonvilla.
Tel. 0444.639013
Fax 0444.730050
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Castegnero's coat-of-arms