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Via Roma, 1
36040 Alonte (VI)

Districts: Corlanzone, Stamberga.
Area: 11.16 Kmq
AMSL height: 13m
Population: 1200 (in 2001)

Name's origin: the name may hint to an Alona stream on whose shore the eponymous village was built.

History: The numerous palaeoveneti findings found in localitą Molini testify to the presence in this territory of a palaeoveneti hamlet. Alonte first appears in a 753 AD paper, Alonte is also amongst the land Mantua's Bishop sold to a marquis Almerico in the 10th century. In Alonte there were also some of the properties of Antipope Honorius II. It seems that in the late 9th century, during the notorious Hungarians' invasions, Alonte was fortified and became a castle. Little is known about the castle anyway, which was probably destroyed in 1312. In 1312 Alonte was indeed pillaged and burned to smotherings: the smoke could be seen from as far as Lonigo (Maccą). During the Veronese rule, Alonte belonged to the vicentine De Proti family: a document dated 27 July 1393 confirmed Giampietro De Proti rights over Alonte, Corlanzone and Mocendre. Later on, the Traversi family took over.

St.Valentine's Fair in Corlanzone
Spring Day on April 25th, &ldquo
Walking in Alonte: a walk in Berici Hills' nature, in June
Musical and theater Summer al fresco from June to September
St.Michael's Fair in September in Corlanzone.
Pro Loco Alonte
Ass. Naz. Combattenti e Reduci
Gruppo Alpini
Corlanzone Moto Club “Epoca Turismo e non solo”
Orienteering Club Alonte
Gruppo Arcieri.
Tel. 0444.439203
Fax 0444.835229
Ufficio tecnico:
Tel. 0444.437704
Ragioneria - Ufficio Tributi
Telefono: 0444.439203
Ufficio Postale:
Via Roma
Tel. 0444.830137

Alonte's coat-of-arms