via Fogazzaro 5
36020 Agugliaro (VI)

Districts: Finale, Sopra L''Acqua
Area: 14.63 Kmq
AMSL height: 13m
Inhabitants: 1258 (in 1998)

Name's origin:It is hard to assert what the name of the town originally was, since it has come down to us in many different forms: Aguiglarium, Aquilarium, Agugiaro, Aquilario e Lagugiaro. Some link it with with aquila (=eagle) or acucula (=a thicket).

History: Agugliaro first appears in a 1297-1303 document, where Agugiaro'schurch is mentioned. From 1288, 14th and 15th century documents it seems that what is now Agugliaro's territory alone was shared by two different towns: Agugliaro and the today no-more-existent Fogliascheda. In 1462 Alessandro Pigafetta bought from Serenissima Republic of Venice the town and territory of Agugliaro as a county, and in 1473 and in 1481 Matteo Pigafetta bought land from the Dal Verme family, which seems to have in a very ancient past the most conspicuous in Agugliaro (from Il Veneto paese per paese", Casa Editrice Bonechi)

St Mark's Fair, in Calliana, 25th April
St Bortolo's Fair on the third sunday of august.
Pro Loco di Agugliaro
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Agugliaro's coat-of-arms