On Palladio'S Tracks


On Palladio's tracks to Padua and Loggia del Carnaro
Andrea Palladio was born in Padua on 11/30 1580 and spent his childhood near the river in front of the Specola; in 1521 he was taken on as an apprentice by stone-cutter Bartolomeo Cavazza of Sossano, who had his atelier near Tadi Bridge, and every day Andrea had to cross the city going from Toreselle Bridge to Tadi Bridge. Following the footsteps of young Palladio, visitors will sightsee this old part of the city. In 1524 he moved to Vicenza. He was back in Padua in 1538, a guest of Alvise Cornaro, together with his mentor Gian Giorgio Trissino. The cultivated and art-loving Cornaro was amongst the first in Veneto to adopt classical elements in the design of his villas, which were going to have so much influence upon Palladio's own style. The compound was designed by architect and painter Giovan Maria Falconetto, and is made of two buildings: the Loggia for theatrical shows and the Odeon for literary and musical meetings. The Loggia, inspired to the stagescene of classic theaters, was built in 1524 and enlarged in 1555: the facade consists of a five-arches porch suspended on pillars decorated by Doric half-columns supporting the entablature. The Odeo was built in 1539, and it was designed as a small edifice enclosing an octagonal central space covered by a dome. The Odeo was the first building in Veneto to ever present grotesque masks as a decoration.

Starting-point: 3.00 pm - Parco della Valle parking area in Padua
Cost: € 10,00 Booking reuired
Lenght: 2 and a half hours
Guide : Grazia Boschetti


A glance from the bridge
What stories do Retrone and Bacchiglione tell us? Certainly stories of churches, nunneries, watermills, woolmills and docks, but not only that. They also tell the unhappy stories of fallen women and other outcasts.
A Vicenza that mirrors herself in the water of her rivers, explained, read and portrayed as we walk over her the most historical, romantic, mysterious of her bridges; from this unusual point of view we can see the city in a new light: more vivid, passionate, sometimes even magical, always unexpected.

Starting-point: 3.15 pm - Ponte Novo in Via della Misericordia in Vicenza
Cost: € 10,00 Booking required
Lenght : 2 and a half hours
Guide : Cinzia Albertoni e Adriano Marcolini (theater actor and author)


Palladio's neighborhood in Vicenza
Palladio's house in Vicenza used to be in Borgo di S.Vito, beyond Ponte degli Angeli, now Contrà Santa Lucia. The great architect lived there from 1560 until his death in 1580, paying a rent of 5 troni a year.
A cheap part of the city, where artisans, millers, weavers, washerwomen lived, and where peace was often disrupted by fights between Fasoloni and Bocaloti.
The story that will be told as we walk through streets, under porches, into cloisters and piazzas is the story of a popular, petty Vicenza, from the time of the arrival of the powerful Benedectine nuns, until the revolutionary Republic of S.Zulian.
Interesting glimpses of the every-day life of the commoners, brought back to life on the very spot they once took place.

Starting-point: 3.15 pm - Ponte degli Angeli in Vicenza
Cost: € 10,00 Booking required
Length : 2 and a half hours
Guidae : Cinzia Albertoni and Adriano Marcolini (Theater actor and author)


... A stroll with Palladio by night
“These open spaces, left here and there around the city, besides being commodious, as people use them to meet, talk business and have a stroll in them, can also be of much ornament to a city..." (The four books of architecture. Book III. Chapter XVI. Andrea Palladio)
What would Palladio say if, across the centuries, he could see modern-days Vicenza?
A piazza is a definite space, rich in architectural effects and pictoresque corners; it is the stage everyday life is played upon. It favours encounters, suggests relationships, and brings unexpected meetings about. This nightly walk on Vicenza's piazzas will give us a chance to eavesdrop on a time-travelling Palladio's delighted, bitter, ironic and angry comments about the urbanistic (and not only that) changes of the city he loved so much.
After the walk visitors will be shown the documentary film "Novelle Beriche" produced by Longare's Council.

Starting-point: 9.00 pm - Piazza Matteotti in Vicenza (Mezzi Propri)
Cost: € 10,00 Booking required
Length : 2 and half hours
Guides : Cinzia Albertoni and Adriano Marcolini (Theater actor and author)


History reenactment: The arrival of the noble Sangiofetti family
The Venetian patrician Sangiofetti used to spend the Redentore's Holyday in his Barbarano Villa. For the past few years Pro Loco Ponte has been reenacting this event with 18th-century costumes and apparatus. Come and see the arrival of this powerful family from the Bisatto River, and take part to the balls, entertainments and fireworks (at 10 pm).

Starting: 8.30 pm - Ponte di Barbarano -Villa Traverso Rigon
Free entrance

Loggia Cornaro Odeo Cornaro Veduta di Vicenza Ponte San Michele Villa Caldogno Vicenza di notte Villa Traverso-Rigon