Museums In Berici Hills

Museum of Rural Civilization in Grancona

Genre: Etnography

Via Cą Vecchia, 2
36040 Grancona (VI)
Tel. 0444/889533
Orari: 8-12 e 15-19

Opened in 1995 by Carlo Etenli, it is a rich and ever-growing collection of objects and tools of a time when life in Berici Hills was lived to the rythm of country labour and nature.


Museum of Everyday life and Labour in the Villa

Genre: Etnography

Via San Francesco, 2
36040 Orgiano (VI)
Tel. 02/72003658
Open: Sundays and holydays 15-19

The museum is hosted in two different parts of Villa Fracanzan Piovene: in the Manor house visitors can see original 18th/19th century forniture (the large kitchen is quite a view!); in the farming side-fabrics there is a collection of ancient peasant tools and objects.


History and Memory Museum in Colloredo di Sossano

Genre: Etnography

Via Colloredo
36040 Sossano (VI)
Tel. 0444/785009
Orari: Domenica 10-12

Opened in October 1993 in Colloredo's old school building, this museums is a centre for the collection and safe-keeping of local folklore.

For more information check Sossano website at this link:

Ex-voto Museum in Madonna dei Miracoli di Lonigo

Genre: Art

Via Madonna di Lonigo, 18
36045 Lonigo (VI)
Tel. 0444/830502
Open: Sundays 11-12 and 15-16.30

It is a collection of 353paintings the faithful hung up in the church as a thanksgiving for their answered prayers from 1486 to 1893. The two most important miracles are represented on two large 1617 canvasses.


Museum Archeological Finds Exhibition

Genre: Archeology

Piazza Marconi, 1
36040 Brendola (VI)
Tel. 0444/400727
Open: 9-12.30

Hosted in Brendola Council Hall, it is a collection of bronze-age and Roman pottery, coins and stelae.

Museum of Rural Civilization in Grancona Villa Fracanzan Piovene Museum History and Memory Museum - Colloredo di Sossano Ex-voto Museum - Madonna dei Miracoli - Lonigo