Berica Stone And Olives

Guided tour organized by operators of the central area (Nanto)
Opaerator: Mariangela Angonese

An historical-artistical walk at the discovery of little-known spots in Berici Hills. The trip begins with a visit to the 1450-1550 Berica Stone altars in Nanto's new Parish Church. This building hosts important remnants of Nanto's two prior parish churches. We then walk on to Pro Loco Nanto's experimental olive-grove and to the town fountain. Thence we quickly arrive to Azienda Agricola Nani, where visitors can taste and buy local wines. We continue down the Quarry Road and take a look at the quarries and at 16th century Muraro-Barbaran Grassi Villa. Eventually, we return to the starting-point.

New Parish Church's 15th century altar Pro Loco Nanto's experimental olive-grove The town fontain