Mossano'S Caves And Mills

Guided tour organized by operators of the central area (Mossano)
Operator: Giulia Sartori

Starting from the square before Mossano Parish Church. An easy, pleasant walk at the discovery of traces of human presence in Berici Hills over the centuries. Our first destination is Mills Valley, to see the mills and rustic houses. After that, a brief stop at Azienda Agricola Pegoraro. Then we walk down the path that leads to famous San Bernardino's cave. All along, visitors can enjoy beautiful vistas and admire the variety of plants and trees. Visit to the cave named after St Bernardino of Siena, continuously inhabitated since the most ancient times, until in the Middle Ages it came to be used as a hermitage. Following the same path, we quickly get back to the starting point.

St Bernardino's cave Mills valley