Palladio'S And Other Villas In Noventa, Agugliaro And Pojana

guided tour organized by operators of the south-east area (Noventa)
Operator: Ilaria Marobin

Starting from the small village of Agugliaro famous for the presence of Palladio's Villa Saraceno and many other imposrtant historical buildings and villas. We can see the outside of Saraceno, one of the first of Palladio's projects which is now taken care of by a British trust. We walk on to Villa Saraceno delle Trombe with its inetersting decoration of metopes and triglyphs. Next stops are barchesse Trolio and St Bortolo's Oratory. Moving to Noventa Vicentina we stop near Liona stream to admire the severe Villa Dal Verme, rare example of mainland Venetian Gothic architecture. In Noventa, visit to the interior of Villa Barbarigo, now the Town-hall, with frescos by Vassillacchi and Foler and visit to the cathedral, where we can see a canvas by Tiepolo. We drive on to Pojana Maggiore to visit Palladio's Villa Pojana, with its unusual facade.

Villa Barbarigo Villa Pojana Villa Saraceno