Costozza, The Villas And More

Guided tour organized by operators of the northern area (Longare)
Organizer: Angelo Pettenuzzo

Visit to Costozza town-centre, famous for its quarries and ventidotti (underground aeration systems in the Villas), the outside of Villa Trento Carli, 17th century building by architect Pizzocaro and to Villa Da Schio's large garden, with its wide terracings and flight of stairs with statues by Marinali. Then walking down Stonecutters' street up to the caves and case rupestri, i.d. caves turned into habitations. The journey continues to St Mauro's Church by Muttoni and St Antonio Abate's 13th century church . After a brief stop at Cantina Mattiello, where you can buy local wines, we go back to the starting point down Via Volto, where we can see the fountain.

Villa da Schio garden Villa da Schio staircase Case rupestri