In Lumignano Walking Through History And Nature

Guided tour organized by operators of the northern area (Longare)
Operator: Angelo Pettenuzzo

Starting from Piazza Mazzaretto in Lumignano. Following path n. 3 up to St Cassiano hermitage. Brief stop in the Prussian's Cave, an example of cave turn into house, and in Copacan Cave and Spring. Visit to the early medieval hermitage. Then going on to Brojon Cave, where neanderthal man's rests were found . After reaching the Belvedere, following the n4 Cumane path we walk down Vescovane road up to Lumignano Cross, to begin the descent to our starting point. In Lumignano, visit to the old St Maiolo's Parish Church and Holy Mary in the Valley's Oratory.

St Cassiano hermitage Brojon caves