Footing club "Corri Noventa"

Noventa at Pro Loco Noventa
Viale dei Martiri
Trevisan Dario
Tel. 0444.887915
Piovan Lino
Tel. 0444.860085
Partecipation to the events is 2.80 euros for non-members and 1.80 for members .
The club organizes the annual Country March (non-agonistic march) all the way along the ditches near Noventa; athletes can also take part to all Berici Hills competitions.

Gruppo Podisti Longare

Aderente F.I.A.S.R Longare
At Bonetto Sergio's
Via Brigata cadore, 37
Tel. 0444.638486.
Meetings: at Longare parish hall every wednesday
Cost: annual membership is 3.00 euros, plus 1.50 euros partecipation fee to FIASP events.
The club organizes the annual non-competitive Three Towns March between Longare, Costozza and Lumignano on the last Sunday of Agust on thrre different paths of 5-13-22 km.