In Orgiano Looking For The Bethroted

Guided tour organized by operators of the south-west area
Operator: Rapetta Daniela

Starting point is the town-centre of Orgiano, a small historical town set in a beautiful landscape in Berici Hill's southern edge. The main piazza is dominated by Palazzo dei Vicari (1592), formerly House of the Bishop's Steward and now town-Hall, whose facade is adorned by ancient headstones and coat-of-arms. Walking on to the Parish Church, then passing by the Romalise Stream up to the Workers' Society House (1884). Walking down the main street from the Oratory of St.Rocco (15th century) to the piazza. Visit to Villa Fracanzan-Piovene (1710), generally reckoned as one of the most beautiful in Veneto, with side farming-fabrics by Muttoni and amazing garden. End of the trip is Paolo Orgiano's House, a 17th century rogue who has been most unlikely considered by some as the source of inspiration for one of the characters in Alessandro Manzoni's novel "The Bethroted".

Paolo Orgiano's House Oratory of St. Rocco Villa Fracanzan Piovene