Villas, Churches And Palazzi In Renaissance Lonigo

Guided tour organized by operators of the south-west area.
Operator : Simona Tozzo.

Starting from Bagnolo with a visit to Villa Pisani, the first Villa Palladio designed for the Pisani family of Venice, built between 1544 and 1545. This Villa became the centre of a plantation area so rich that in 1557 the Pisanis decided to build another palace in the town centre, which is now the Town-Hall. After reaching Lonigo by car, visit of the Town-Hall,formerly Palazzo Pisani, and of the monumental Town gate. Walk to the Villa on the top of Lonigo hill: Rocca Pisana by Scamozzi, clearly reminescent of Palladio's Rotonda. End of the tour in Madonna di Lonigo, where tourists can visit the shrine, built in 1486 on the scene of a miraculous event. It is one of Vicenza's most important sanctuaries, work of Lorenzo Bologna and Lamberti di Montagnana (gate in Berica stone). Finally, visit to the ex-voto museum, which houses one of the richest collections of votive paintings of all of Northern Italy.

Rocca Pisani Villa Pisani Madonna dei miracoli Shrine