Didactic Itineraries

Fimon Valley didactic itinerary

This itinerary, created by Arcugnano Middle School together with Vicenza Archaeological and Natural Museum supported by local Councils, takes visitors to Fimon Valley's places where traces of prehistoric men's presence have been found. Panels illustrate the archeological campaigns, the findings, and how life is supposed to have been like in Fimon Valley during the Neolithic and the Bronze Age (between 3 and 6 thousand years ago). All the findings are on display in Vicenza Archaeological and Natural Museum, ContrÓ S. Corona 4. Open:Tue-Sat 9:00-12:30 and 14:15-17:00, dSundays 9:00-12:30; tel. +390444/320440.

Didactic itinerary "Walking in Alonte"
Starting-point: Alonte, by the Town-Hall.
Length: a few kilometers you can walk in a couple of hours.

This itinerary, planned by the local Elementary School, accompanies tourist down the local road network at the discovery of all the town's places of interest: the ruins of the castle, an ancient graveyard, churches, caves, watermills and much more.

Fimon-Pianezze didactic itinerary
Starting-point: Fimon Lake, parking area.
Length: 4 km, you can walk in a couple of hours.

The perfec way to get to know Berici Hills and the largest lake in Vicenza Province. This walk will take visitors on the hillside from the Lake to the village of Pianezze, whence visitors can enjoy wonderful views of the landscape. From contrada Boeca the path goes up into the woods; going on near large cultivated areas you can spot a beautful Madonna's road-shrine, following a characteristic dry-wall visitors get to contrada Chiesa Vecchia. Turning left they walk down to the fountain, then they walk on until they reach Scaranto del Corlo mouth, where they can enjoy a beautiful view of the Lake. Walking northwise they get to the lakeside-road, whence they can easily get back to the starting point on the lakeshore.

Mount Faeo didactic itinerary
Starting-point: S. Germano dei Berici, via Valli.
Lenght: 2,3 km you can walk in roughly a hour.

This itinerary has been created with the help of the local Elementary School and Agritourism Le Valli; this itinerary links nine "green classrooms" together, and in each visitors will learn something about local natural environment and history.