Biking Itineraries

Bike itineray from Vicenza to Fimon lake
Start: Vicenza, Piazzale Fraccon.
Length:32 km, 3-4 hours.

Easy tour down the hillside country roads, trough a wonderful landscape. From the Arco delle Scalette (Vicenza) you follow the bikeway Riviera Berica, that passes in font of one of the most worldwide known building: the Palladian Villa Rotonda. In Longare you exit near the church and you continue trough via delle Grancare.
A long submontane track conducts to the village Grancare, so trough ia Palý you arrive in locality Boeca, ahead the Fimon lake. You circle the lake across the paths of the east hillside, arriving on the more quiet zone in the bottom of the valley.
Here you can practice the fishing, have a boat tour, or stop in an agriturism. The tour continues going trough the quarters of Valdemarca, Covolo and Fontanelle, coming to Fimon, the chieftown of the valley. The come back is trough Torri di Arcugnano, Fontega valley and Tormeno.
From here you can return to Longare following the bikeway or enter in Vicenza across S. Croce Cigolina and Campedello.

Olives' itinerary
Start: Nanto, square near public school.
Lenght: 5 km.

Coincides with the Sentiero degli ulivi (Olive's path)(84), with start and arrive in Nanto After a short flattsh track along via Cŗ Bassa that permits to observe two old stone-washroom (fontana dei SÚto and lavatoio delle Priare), it goes trough the south sided hills, crossing the damp brushwood, and the suggestive vineyards and olive-groves, with a gorgeous view to the landscape of the lowland and th Berici hills.

Pedestrial itinerary of "Mulini della Val Liona"
Start: Forecourt of Grancona, fountain area.
Lenght: km. 5.

The itinerary crosses partly the panoramic path of Pederiva-Spiazzo (61), it arises the N-W hillside of the Monte Faeo and it attaches with the educaional path ''Monte Faeo'' touching all the gorgeous mills between Spiazzo e Pederiva.

Pedestrial itinerary of Corte Calto-Zovencedo
Start:Zovencedo, parking behind S. Nicola church.
Length: km. 5.

The itinerary coincides partly with the path of "Calto and del Gazzo" (63). From Corte Calto it arrives in Zovencedo passing trough ''la Sengia'', a cliff adapted to garret until the '60es, then it returns to the starting point crossing the two versants of a small valley, with a pause to a tipical example of rural building(the "Borgo di Calto").