Val Liona

Villa del Ferro path
Starting-point: Villa del Ferro di S. Germano dei Berici.
Length: 6 km.

A historical-naturalistic walk just out of Villa del Ferro town-centre, where visitors can see villas and manor houses. After a short walk in the woods, visitors have a chance to see rural oratories, road-cahpels and fountain in a Renaissance farming-complex.

Curi and Lupia path
Starting-point:S. Germano dei Berici, Piazza della Pace.
Length: 9 km you can walk in 3-4 hours.

This walk takes visitors uphill to the north of the town. The path mostly follows signalled S.Germano path, of which you can find maps in all local agritourisms.

Pozzolo's Plateau path
Starting-point:Pozzolo di Viliaga, church.
Length: 11 km, you can walk in 4 hours.

A tour all around Pozzolo's Plateau, whose silica sand deposit has been excavated for a long time; during the walk visitors will spot peculiar dry-stone huts.

S. Gottardo's quarries path
Starting-point:S. Gottardo di Zovencedo.
Length: 9 km, you can walk in 3/4 hours.

A theme-itinerary that will take visitors to the most important working quarry in Berici Hills, where Zovencedo Berica Stone is digged-out. Visitors will also see S.Gottardo's Cave, one of the largest natural caves in Berici Hills..

Calto and Gazzo path
Starting-point: Zovencedo, town-centre.
Length: 9,5 km you can walk in 3/4 hours.

An excursion to one of the most ancient contrada in Berici Hills, Calto, and to the savage Gazzo valley.
Visitors can find the detailed map at Val Liona Pro Loco.

Campolongo path
Starting-point: Campolongo dei Berici.
Length: 6,5 km you can walk in 2/3 hours.

A trip to the pictoresque hamlet of Campolongo, with its medieval features, like the tower (one of the largest in Vicenza's country houses) and embellished by Renaissance Villa Dolfin (1601). The path goes on to a sand quarry, and turns back down the cart-way sand was transported along.

Pederiva-Spiazzo panoramic path
Starting-point: Spiazzo di Grancona, Piazza del Donatore.
Length: 7 km, you can walk in 3 hours.

A panoramic tour in Berici Hills' largest valley, rich in running water, working watermills and wild nature.