Western Berici

Brendola's Nature Path Starting-point: Brendola, Piazza Revese. Lenght: 4 km, that you can walk in about 1 hour.

Walking down this short and easy path, ideal for school-classes and families, visitors will enjoy beautiful vistas of the landscape and will have a chance to visit the famous Bishop's Citadel, Brendola's ruined castle.

Brendola's Hills Communal Path Starting-point:Brendola, via Monti Comunali. Lenght: 1,8 km , about 1/2 hour walk.

Made by Vicenza Regional Rangers, this is an easy-to-find path with no difficult spots along the way . Following this short path, visitors will walk through a hornbeam forest up to some beautiful belvederes.

Brendola's Hills Communal Path 2 Starting-point: Brendola, Piazza del Mercato. Lenght: 12 km, you can walk in about 4-5 ore. There's also an 8 km version.

A bit more difficult path that will take you up onto the hills behind the town of Brendola. After a long walk on the plateau, visitors will get back to the castle and to the town-centre, with its historical palaces, villas and gardenas.

Meledo's Hills path Starting-point:Meledo di Sarego, town-centre. Lenght: 14 km, you can walk in 3 to 4 hours.

A long but easy walk down country roads and forest-paths, from the Guā stream up to Sarego and High Meledo. From the top of the hills visitors will have a view of the highly cultivated plain, scattered with modern farms and old cottages.

Sarego's Caves path Starting-point: Sarego, town-centre. Lenght: 8 km, you can walk in 2/3 hours.

An easy walk on Western Berici Hills, through cultivated land were visitors can see fountain and wells. This walk can be shortened or lenghtened at pleasure.

S. Vito and the Ogre's Fountain path Starting-point: S. Vito di Brendola. Lenght: 10 km, you can walk in 3-4 hours. 7 km version.

A trip into the wildside of the hills behind Brendola. Along the path visitors will find fountains, caves and old farms

Lonigo's hills path Starting-point: Lonigo, Piazza XX settembre. Lenght: 8 km, you can walk in 2-3 hours.

A pleasant walk just outside Lonigo's historical town-centre. Lonigo's surrounding have many surprises in store for those who wish to know more about the way people use to affect the natural environment in the past.