Fimon Lake And Valley

Fimon's scaranti path
Starting-point: Fimon, Via Fontanelle
Lenght: 9,5 km you can walk in in 3-4 hours.

A trip to Mills' Valley and to the innermost parts of Fimon Lake's Valley. Setting off from Fimon Town visitors walk into Mills' Valley, where they can see a dozen cottages that once were working watermills. After passing by a reproduction of Lourdes' Cave, visitors arrive to Fimonville in Contra' Tezze, where they can see the beautiful S.Rocco's Church. Climbing up Scaranti Valley walkers eventually reach High Berici Road (Strada Dorsale Berica). Walking northwards down Via Montello, after walking by Perarolo's Church and graveyard visitors start going quickly downhill towards their starting-point walking down old Strada del Reposso, passing behind S.Maria di Fimon Parish Church.

Zanchi path
Starting-point:Arcugnano, loc. ai Celibi.
Lenght: 9 km, you can walk in about 3 hours.
An easy walk along Arcugnano's northern hillside. Setting off from the beautiful road-chapel at Celibi's crossroads tourists walk down via Paoloni, then turn into a side-way whence they can enjoy a lovely view on Euganei Hills they start descending into Calvi Valley, passing by Boeta Fountain. They turn left towards Nievo Fountain, then right into the valley, then turning left again they start climbing up the hill down Via Longa. After walking by two more fountains, visitors walk around Castelpietro Farm (m.238) and finally reach contrada Zanchi with its elegant t.Peter's Oratory. Going on through the cultivated area they quickly get back to the starting-point.

Lapio's Dolinas path
Starting-point: Lapio, Via Zambalda.
Lenght: 4 km visitors can walk in 2 hours.

A short excursion in Lapio's rural environment. From Via Zambalda parking area visitors walk down Strada Vicinale dei Martinelo that quickly turns into a wood; emerging from the wood visitors reach contrada Valle and contrada Costa, amongst the most ancient dwelling-sitea of this area. After turning back down a country-alley that command a beautiful view over the hills, visitors start descending into roccolo Valley.
Along the way visitors will see many dolinas, small karst funnel-like depressions. Turning left at contrade Vecchie the path leads into the wood again, to finally return to the parking area visitors started from.

Fimon Lake-Pianezze Nature path
Starting-point: parking area north of Fimon Lake.
Lenght: 4 km you can walk in 2 hours, at a slow pace.

The perfec way to get to know Berici Hills and the largest lake in Vicenza Province. This walk will take visitors on the hillside from the Lake to the village of Pianezze, whence visitors can enjoy wonderful views of the landscape. From contrada Boeca the path goes up into the woods; going on near large cultivated areas you can spot a beautful Madonna's road-shrine, following a characteristic dry-wall visitors get to contrada Chiesa Vecchia. Turning left they walk down to the fountain, then they walk on until they reach Scaranto del Corlo mouth, where they can enjoy a beautiful view of the Lake. Walking northwise they get to the lakeside-road, whence they can easily get back to the starting point on the lakeshore.

Villabalzana's quarry path
Starting-point: Villabalzana, church.
Lenght: 10 km , you can walk in 3-4 hours.

From Villabalzana's Church you walk down the road that takes to contrada Colombara, witha beautiful view of Fimon Lake and the distant mountains. At the road-shrine visitors start walking down into the valley to Albi Fountain and then climb up te hill again down the old Coal-miners' Road. At Ca' Gaspari tourists turn right into Strada delle Priarette up to contrada Colognato and then go downwards to localitÓ Basili. Walking part of path 85 through the forest, visitors arrive to the old Brazzolro Quarry. Walking down the path that passing by Morejeta restaurant takes to Ca' Mattiello's road-shrine. Walking down the steeping road visitors arrive to Valchegozzo belvedere, whence they can enjoy a beautiful view on the Lake. Going on through the chestnut-forest, visitors quickly return to the starting-point.

Four Fountains path
Starting-point: Fimon Lake, parking area.
Length: km 6, you can walk in about 2/3 hours.

Setting off from the Lake and walking down the hillside path visitors arrive to Valdemarca, where, near Casarotto Mill, an important prehistoric dwelling site has been discovered. Passing by Ca' dell'Oca visitors gat to contrada Covolo; after a while turn left and walk into the woods until you get into the open on Lapio's Plateau. Walking on through forest and cultivated land, visitors can enjoy lovely view on the hills and the Dolomites. They then descend into a valley and walk by the Shepard's Well, then they climb up the opposite slope and reach the pavedway. Walking down this road you reach the graveyard, to eventually descend to contrada Lago, where they started from.