Lumignano And Its Surroundings

Lumignano and its wonderful scenario of steep rocky slopes, wild valleys and Karst caves gives visitors plenty of sightseeing and exploration opportunities. It is covered by a wide network of paths, and it is served by all public transportation means (bus 8 from Vicenza). Paths often go through rocky or slippery surfaces: visitors are therefore advised to wear resistent shoes and sportswear.

Rose Mountain path
Starting-point: Castegnero, town-centre
Lenght: 7km you can walk in circa 3 hours.

A long walk on the hillside from Scaranton in Nanto to Villabalzana and the Fountains' valley in Lumignano. Visitors can take a shortcut after Fonteccio fountain down signalled path 8 or 9.
Col della Guerra path
Starting-point: Lumignano.
Length: 3-4km, you can walk in 2/3 hours.

A short but adventurous excursion all around Monte Castellano to visit the War Cave and the Rampart Cave: the former can be walked all the way inside to the bottom, with caution.

Monte Brosimo path
Starting-point: Costozza.
Lenght: 9 km you can walk in 3/4 hours.

A trip through history, nature and art starting from Costozza's pictoresque town-centre, where many villas and gardens can be seen.

The Cross path
Length: 3 km you can walk in 2/3 hours.

A short yet difficult walk that will take visitors up to the most panoramic point of Lumignano's hillside and goes back down through Sengio dei Mulini. The beautiful views repay visitors for the discomfort of climbing up the steep slope!

Bridge Cave and Sengi Bei path
Length: 7 km, you can walk in 3/4 hours.

This walk takes visitors further on after leaving path 8 in order to see a series of interesting caves on the hills of Castegnero, amongst others the Walled Cave and the Pillar Cave.

Piorlo Spring path
Starting-point: Lumignano.
Length: 1 km you can walk in less then a hour.

It is a shortcut between path n5 and n6 that will take visitors right through the forest, where they will have a chance of spotting some wildlife.

S.Cassiano Cliff
Starting-point: Lumignano.
Length: 7 km you can walk in 2/3 hours.

A walk full of spots of geological and panoramic interest on Lumignano's Dolomite Cliff. We suggest tourist to visit the Caves and S.Cassiano's hermitage.

Vajarole path
Starting-point: Lumignano.
Length: 6-7 km you can walk in 2/3 hours.

Into one of Berici Hills wildest valleys, through a landscape untouched by men. In late spring visitors can have a chanceto see the rare red lily.

Scandolaro path
Starting-point: Lumignano.
Length: 6km you can walk in 2/3 hours.

A slightly difficult walk to some of Lumignano's less known recesses, rich in history and natural curiosities.