Quarries And Ateliers

Artisans' shops

In Berici Hills, stone-cutting and working is mostly a family-run business. Architectural decoration is the main output, although artistic sculpturing has a great importance, too. What's peculiar to an artisan's work is the variety and uniqueness of his products; this characteristics are what is most appreciated by costumers, as well as of course being a spur to his creativity. Only few ateliers have the means to employ industrial machinery; giving up as they do to hand-made charm, they have nevertheless allowed Berica Stone to be employed in huge projects by international architects like Ricardo Bofill, Frank O. Gehry and Mario Botta: distant witnesses of the centuries-long Berici Hills tradition.

Berte Pietre di Bertola Aldo & C Snc
Lavora da pił generazioni nell''escavazione e lavorazione della Pietra dei Berici.
Via Ponticelli, 16
Tel: 0444.885979
Sito web: www.bertolapietre.it

Casalin Mario Snc
di Casalin Franco ed Osvaldo
Via Sette Martiri, 4
Tel: 0444.889508.

Danzo & Danzo
Lavorazione pietra e restauri
Via Sette Martiri, 4/B
Tel: 0444.889993 - 889582

Dimensione Pietra
Di Trivellin Allegro Tiziano
Viale dell''Artigianato, 49151
Tel: 0444.953314

Grassi Achille di Grassi geom. Dino
Via dei Progresso, 16
Ponte di CAstegnero
Tel: 0444.730241
Fax: 0444.639960 / 0444.639941
Show-room a Nanto in via Cą Silvestre
Tel: 0444.730450
Sito web: www.achillegrassi.com
E-mail: info@achillegrassi.com

Grassi 1880 spa di Grassi Vittorio
Via Madonnetta, 6
36024 Nanto (VI)
Tel. 0444.730623
Fax 0444.738819
Sito web: www.grassigroup.com
E-mail: info@grassivittorio.it

Grassi Pietre srl di Grassi Francesco
Via Madonetta, 2
36024 Nanto (VI)
Tel. 0444.639092/730625
Fax 0444.730071
E-mail: info@grassipietre.it
Sito web: www.grassipietre.it

Guidolin Gino & C
Bottega artigiana da pił generazioni.
Via Ponte di Costozza
Tel: 0444.555037

La Bottega della Pietra
Decorazione d''interni e scultura.
Tel: 0444.639298

La Pietra di Casalin Dino
Via Sette Martiri, 19
Tel: 0444.889666
Sito web: www.casalin.it

Peotta F.lli
Via Acque
Tel: 0444.889527

Stangoni Lucio
Via Villa Toara, 27 Bis
Tel: 0444.888599

Trotto Sergio e G. Snc
Lavorazione e restauri in Pietra dei Colli.
Via Trotti, 14
San Giovanni in Monte
Tel: 0444.893071

Zoncato Antonio Lavorazione Pietre
Bottega artigiana.
Via Roma, 148
Tel: 0444.555069

Zoncato Aldo
Bottega artigiana da pił generazioni.
Via N. Bizio, 5
Tel: 0444.555051
Sito web: www.zoncato.com

Working and abandoned quarries

Nowadays there are fifteen working quarries in Berici Hills, in two specific areas: quarries of Yellow Berica Stone in Nanto and Grancona, White Berica Stone's quarries in Zovencedo. Companies must endorse a project for the environmental requalification of the quarry before abandoning it, once the excavation is over. Olden quarries, like the Roman covoli in Costozza, have a special importance as historical heritage. Some abandoned quarries are very small, others are many kilometers large: these have always played an important role for local population, as they have come to be used as shelters, industrial sites and even churches. Today, some of them have been re-adapted as restaurants and pubs, while another common use is that of mushroom plantations. Altari quarry is open to the public for shows and exhibitions. Berica Stone can provide great living-space even where it has been cut-out of! .

Cava Acque
In Acque, near the Provincial Road. Owner Grassi Vittorio srl. Opened 100 years ago, it is a Golden Yellow and Silver Grey Stone quarry. Famous for its monumental historic entrance. Open to visitors with guides.
Info: Consorzio Pro Loco tel. 0444/638188, Grassi Vittorio srl tel. 0444.639032.

Cava Badia
In Zovencedo. Owner Nichele Bros. It is a working quarry .
Info: Nichele Guido tel. 0444.889641.

Cava Cengelle
In Pederiva, near the Provincial Road. Owner Berica Pietre. Opened in the 50s, it's a Yellow S.Germano quarry. Guided tours.
Info: Consorzio Pro Loco tel. 0444.638188, Berica Pietre tel. 0444.893220.

Cava Cengio
In Zovencedo. Owner Berica Pietre. It's a Vicenza Stone quarry. Very large. Guided tours.
Info: Consorzio Pro Loco tel. 0444/638188, Berica Pietre tel. 0444.893220

Cava Gazzo
In Gazzo di Grancona. Owner Grassi. Opened in the early '900, it's an Ivory White quarry, all old tools and machines have been left on the spot, amongst others an old capstan. Guided tours.
Info: Consorzio Pro loco tel. 0444.638188. Grassi Vittorio srl tel. 0444.639032

Cava la Sengia
In Zovencedo, near Delle Piane street. Owner Berica Pietre and Bertola Aldo. Old abandoned quarry, not open to visits.
Info: Consorzio Pro loco tel. 0444.638188, Berica Pietre tel. 0444.893220, Bertola Aldo tel. 0444.885979. .

Cava Scioso
In Casette di Grancona. Owner Grassi Marmi. A Golden Yellow quarry, , it's the only open-air quarry. Guided tours.
Info: Consorzio Pro Loco tel. 0444.638188, Grassi Vittorio srl tel. 0444.639032.

Cava Strenghe
In Strenghe di S.Germano. Owner Grassi Achille, it's a Vicenza Stone quarry. Remarkable Huge inner space. Guided tours.
lnfo: Consorzio Pro loco tel. 0444.638188, A. Grassi tel. 0444.730241.

Cave di Villabalzana
In Villabalzana, near the Parish Church. Owner Departement of Defence. Abandoned for centuries, it's a maze of long tunnels, used during WW II as military depot.

Flooded quarry Arcari quarry Stone blocks