How to get there: 25 km south of Vicenza, driving down Riviera Berica road. From Vicenza: in Ponte di Barbarano turn right to Sossano. From Lonigo take the provinciale S. Feliciano road to Noventa, in Orgiano turn left to Sossano (1 1.5 km).


This place is renown because of the hermitage built here by St. Romuald, the founder of the Camaldolese order. Later, St.Theobald restored the church built by St.Romuald and dedicated it to St. Ermagora and St. Fortunate. St.Theobald died here in 1066, and the church was later dedicated to him. A small road-shrine stands now on the site of the ancient church and monastery. In the 13th century the Templar Knights installed themselves here, and built here their Maison St Jean, now in ruins, but where we can still see a beautiful gothic tower.

Via Sajanega

Parish Church of St Michael the Arch-Angel

Inside this church we can see a beautiful mid-15th.century marble statue of Jesus in the Sepulchre, that was brought here from the ancient Church of the Holy Sepulchre, still existant in 1265.

Via Roma

Museum "History, Memory"
Permanent exhibition of rural tools and instruments.

The museum was opened in 1993 by Mirella Brojanigo and Giovanni Fattori with the help of Gruppo Ricreativo Locale. It is housed in the former elementary school of Colloredo, and is meant to be a centre for the documented collection of objects related to Vicenza's peasant and popular culture. The objects on display are working tools once employed at home, in the fields, in the quarries, in the stables and elsewhere. The objects are grouped as to exemplify a particular job or activity, like hemp-cultivation or silkworm-breeding.
Another part of the museum id dedicated to the display of WW1 memorabilia.

Via Colloredo, 21 (ex Scuole Elementari)
Tel. 0444.785191 - 888695
Fax 0444.888640
Open on Sundays: 10am-12.15am.
Other days on request. Free entrance. Partial disabled access. Disabled facilities. Bus and car parking area available.

Shrine of the Madonna of the Elm

The 18th-century building, designed for the Venetian Giovanelli family by architect Giorgio Massari, has been recently restored and brought back to its original splendour. Open to visits.

Via Roma

Chiesa di S. Maria dell’Aiuto (Small Church of the Elm)

Tel. 0444 885221
Fax 0444 782455
Under restoration.

Museum History and Memory Inside of Museum History and Memory Small Church of the Elm St:michael's Parish Church