San Germano Dei Berici

How to get there: 31.6 km south of Vicenza, driving down statale Riviera Berica road. In Ponte di Barbarano turn right to Sossano. After Sossano, turn right again and enter Val Liona. From Lonigo: drive down provinciale S. Feliciano road to Noventa, in Orgiano turn left into Val Liona (10.8 km).

Villa Vajenti

This early 17th-century compound is made of a seven-arch barchessa, the 16th-century manor house, attached through a long porch to the 1754 St.Anthony's Chapel, possibly a work of Muttoni.

Campolongo Village

This is a very intersting compound, built over medieval buildings that once belonged to Conforto Barbarano, who in the 13th century was lord of Campolongo as a vassal of the Bishop of Vicenza. Villa Dolfin, which scholars attribute to Vincenzo Scamozzi, was built as to get the most scenographic effect out of the different levels it is build on. Inside the ramparts, beside Villa Dolfin and St.Andrew's Church, there is also a beautiful medieval tower. The year 1483 inscribed on the eastern side of it might hint to the year of construction, but it was certainly built using older material: walled in the outsideof the tower we can see a beautiful burial-stone with a female figure with a rose in her hand, a bas-relief with scenes of a battle, and others with fish and birds antangled with floreal motifs.

Oratory of St. Lawrence called "La cesòla", a Villa del Ferro

This small and solitary chapel that can be found in the Carbonarola locality is reputed to be very ancient, and in foregone centuries used to be the parish church of Carbonarola, before being annexed to the parish of Villa del Ferro. A fair is traditionally hold here on the fourth Sunday after Easter, when ancient popular games like “lo spaccapignatte” and “l'albero della cuccagna” are played.

Via Carbonarola

Villa Giacometti, in Villa del Ferro

This building, in late-gothic style, dates bak to the 15th century. Beautiful ogee windows. This villa can be seen from the outside only.

Via Chiesa

Villa Priuli Lazzarini, in Villa del Ferro

This villa, built in the late 16th century by an imitator of Scamozzi, has a Tuscanian pronaos topped by a tympanon decorated by vases.
Remarkable pyramid-like chimney-tops. The villa can be seen from the outside only.

Via Carbonarola

Campolongo Village Villa Lazzarini