How to get there: Autostrada A4 VE-MI: exit Vicenza Ovest, turn right to Arcugnano. from Vicenza drive down Riviera Berica statale road, in Longare turn right to Arcugnano. Panoramic road: from Vicenza get to Monte Berico, then take Dorsale dei Berici provincial road(6.7 km).

The tower

This building, that gives its name to the area called Torri di Arcugnano, is archaeologically very intereseting. It was built on a rise, and was probably part of a larger defensive construction, now destroyed.

Via Sacco

S. Rocco's church in Fimon

The one-apsed, square oratory was until the 16th century Fimon's parish church, dedicated to S.Maria dello Spiazzo. It switched to S.Rocco, protector of the plagued, in 1632, after a terrible pestilence. It was in time encompassed by many rural buildings. Over the door of one of these building it is carved "Year 1680", on the column of another "1730".

Via Villa di Fimon

S. Fise's heremitage

According to late-18th century historian Macc, this area was inhabitated since Roman times, but it had its heydays from 1583 to 1586, when father Antonio Pagani, founder of the Order of the Brethern of the Cross, sojourned here. During his stay, hundreds of people would gather every Sunday to hear him saying mass in the open-air.

Oratorio delle Vegre

This oratory, dedicated to S.Teresa, was built in 1771 by brothers Francesco e Gaetano Lanzi, as the inscription over the door says. This small shrine is built on a beautifully panoramic site.

Via Vegre

Oratorio di S. Gaetano in contrada Sacco

This small oratory was built by the Tomii family in 1790. It is now part of Villa Michelangelo restaurant.

Via Sacco

Oratorio di S. Pietro in contrada degli Zanchi

This shrine was built between 1703 and 1706 by father Pietro dell'Ava, a cleric in Vicenza's cathedral, and his sister-in-law Margherita Zanchi, and was consecrated by Vicenza's Bishop Sebastiano Venier. This typically baroque building is remarkable for its sculptive decoration by Giacomo Cassetti, apprentice, heir and son-in-law of Orazio Marinali. It is especially worth seeing the nativity scene in a niche over the door, the Virgin mary and the Archangel Gabriel behinf the altar.

Contrada Zanchi
Tel. 0444.550258 0444.270142 (private property)
Visits on request only. Free entrance. Accessible to disabled. Car park.

Oratorio Gobbati in Pianezze

The small church, also called Chiesetta delle Grazie, was built around 1680 by the Gabbati family and is dedicated to the Holy Virgin of Conception. It was first restored in 1707 by Francesco Gabbati, who had a new altar built in it.

Villa Calvi

It is a typical 18th-century country mansion compound, with the manor house, the farming buildings and an oratory dedicated to the Holy Family. The facade is parted by seven columns, and is made more aerial by a balcony. Traces of 18th-century frescoes can be seen in the inside. The oratory was built in 1752.

Via Valle dei Calvi

Villa Montanari

Currently housing Arcugnano's library, it has a typically Neo-classical facade, decorated by the Montanaris' coat-of-arms; it was restored in 1857 by Teofilo Montanari.

Via Umberto I, 15

Villa Nordera Margherita

This is now a private health centre, but in the 16th century it was the house of the Brethern of the Cross, the religious order founded by Father Pagani. These brethern were also known as Margheritoni, after the church of St.Margarethma that stands right next to the old monastery. This small church, probably built in the 14th century, contains some precious frescoes painted by Battista of Vicenz ain 1420. Also belonging to the Villa Nordera compound is the Holy Cross' Chapel, where visitors can see some sculptures by famous 17th century sculptor Marinali.

Via Roma

Villa Pasini Canera di Salasco

The villa was built in 1770 for the silk-merchant Girolamo Franceschini, on a project by Bertotti Scamozzi, and was enlarged by Caregaro Negrin in the late 19th century. It has an interesting facade, with the upper part open by a tall columned balcony.

Via Roma, 4
Tel. 0444 270113
Not open to visits.

Villa Nordera Villa Canera Oratorio Gobbati